David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties
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David nelson - Idaho Senate, District 5

A senator to represent all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties

Why I'm running

I have been involved in government and politics most of my life.  I’ve seen how good government can help people, but bad government can harm.  When government is done well, we are working together to solve common problems. But government can’t do everything. With hard work and education, people improve their own lives. People need to listen to each other to learn about different points of view.

 Our government needs people who are thoughtful, who understand how hard everyone is working and have ideas about ways to help them day-to-day. I know how to do this. It’s time for me to run.


David shares the values of the citizens of
Benewah & Latah counties:

Hard work and education help people get ahead. 

Treat people fairly and expect to be treated fairly in return.

Love and care for the wild and special places that make Idaho’s exceptional quality of life possible.  

Work together to solve problems that are bigger than ourselves.



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