David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


Where David stands on the issues


Public Lands

Rafting Idaho’s wild and beautiful rivers has been my greatest recreation for almost my entire adult life. I love the beauty and wildness. I love seeing the bighorns in the fall. When I raft, I learn about the audacity of the pioneers who clawed homes out of the wilderness.

Idahoans have long had a history of working and recreating on these lands, both state and federally managed. It’s something we in Benewah and Latah counties value highly. I will work hard to maintain access to those lands and ensure they will not be sold off to special interests. I will work to find creative solutions that allow us to work on those lands and protect our critical resources.

Keeping Government Honest

Our state government is out of balance. One party with super-majority rule leads to deals for the connected and special interests. It also lets the extreme elements of our society have more influence than they deserve. We need to elect people who represent the values of the majority. 

I pledge to help set priorities in state government that create opportunity and a better future for our children and grandchildren. I also pledge to be honest and transparent in my actions and highlight when our government is not acting on those values.

Health Care

Without health insurance, every Idahoan is one accident or unforeseen illness away from bankruptcy. We all deserve access to a quality health care system that keeps people healthy and helps them in emergencies without financial ruin.   

I support actions to stabilize the Idaho insurance exchange, expand Medicaid in Idaho to the uninsured and build better processes to control costs.


I want every child across our district—from St. Maries to Genesee—to have access to a quality, public K-12 education.  Vocational training and college must be affordable for every one of them.    

Investing in education is the greatest thing we can do for our own and our children’s future. It leads to a more prosperous economy and gives us the skills to change when it’s needed.

One concrete thing to work on is the go-on rate, which means increasing the number of people with education after high-school. Idaho’s rate is low and has been decreasing in the last four years. I will support investments to fix this trend.

Economic Growth

I helped found a successful software company that employs 50 people around the world. I understand the challenges of building a company and know that employees make it a success. It’s never just the founders of a company—it’s all the hard-working people. 

I will work to expand Idaho’s economy with jobs that pay a fair wage. I want to provide opportunity for companies and citizens to grow and prosper.

In 2016, five percent of Idaho’s workers make the minimum wage or below, in 2017 that number is 3.3%. We are one of five states with the highest percentage of minimum wage workers. We need to change our state policies to promote higher wages, create jobs, and improve the schools that train our people to fill them.

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