David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


Updates from the trail

David Nelson to run for Idaho State Senate, District 5

David Nelson, local businessman and political activist, announced his candidacy for Idaho State Senate today.

“Benewah and Latah counties need a state senator who goes to Boise with ideas that represent the values of our district,” he said.  “I am excited to be a senator who can support the University of Idaho in Moscow and responsible logging access in St. Maries.   Our current senator voted against $670 million dollars in higher education funding that directly affects the University of Idaho.  Thankfully, he was nearly alone on every vote.    I will be a supporter of higher education.”

Nelson, whose deep roots in northern Idaho include homesteading great-grandparents in Genesee and Moscow pioneers, said he believes all state representatives need to reflect the values of the majority of the people they represent. “Dan Foreman has made it clear that he does not want conservatives, moderates and liberals to work together to solve our problems. I believe most people want to listen to others and work together.   

Nelson, 56, was born in Moscow and graduated from Genesee High School and the University of Idaho in chemical engineering. He worked for Chevron in Richmond, Calif., for eight years before he and his boss left to start a software company that grew from two people to more than 50. Nelson and his wife Nancy Nelson returned to Idaho in 1989 to raise his two daughters in Moscow and be closer to his wheat ranching family in Genesee.

“Idaho has always felt like home to me, but the strident voice of the far-right is making Idaho feel very different from the state I grew up in,” Nelson said. “We used to hear the voices of everyone, both Republican and Democratic. Now, loud voices from the edge of political spectrum are drowning everyone else out.  That isn’t how we treat people when we walk down Main Street in the towns we live in. It shouldn’t be how we treat people in the statehouse, either.”

Treating people fairly and working together to solve problems that are bigger than ourselves are key values for Nelson. When people use these approaches in government, they help everyone succeed.

“Both Benewah and Latah county have a long a history that continues today of their county commissioners being from both parties and working together to successfully manage the counties.   Our legislature should work to that same standard.”
Kate Nelson