David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


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Letter: Full confidence in Nelson

I strongly support many shared values and long-standing traditions held by Idaho citizens. These include quality of life values: vast natural resources and love of the outdoors; our strong tradition of hard work and service to others; our heritage of leaders who advance opportunities for all citizens of Idaho to succeed with their goals and ambitions.

One candidate for the Idaho Senate (District 5, Benewah and Latah counties) clearly exemplifies these values and traditions: Idaho native David Nelson. He has the qualities that define effective leaders. He listens carefully and respectfully to others. He researches and understands complex issues facing Idahoans, and articulates pros and cons of varying positions. Nelson is experienced in dealing with diverse constituencies and has a proven record of working diligently to advance and balance fair outcomes and solutions. He has "stepped up" to participate in important community service activities over the past several years.

Nelson supports initiatives to help Idaho citizens by boosting economic opportunities and creating new jobs; protecting our public lands; investing in public education; keeping Idaho government honest and accountable to Idaho citizens; and supporting access to quality health care.

Nelson's positions stand in stark contrast to the current incumbent who is running for reelection. Please take time to learn more for yourself by consulting Nelson's web site: www.davidnewlsonforidaho.com.

David Nelson has my full confidence and support for this important Senate seat. I urge you to consider his qualifications and cast your vote for him in the upcoming November election.

Joanne Reece


Maddie Curtright