David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


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Letter: A reasonable and competent candidate for Senate

There is only one reasonable, competent and intelligent candidate for the District 5 state Senate seat, and he is David Nelson.

Nelson is well informed on a wide range of issues, including education, health care and public lands.

On education, he realizes the best way for Idaho to secure a strong economy is to create a well-educated work force, and he understands institutions like the University of Idaho play a critical role in providing our young Idahoans with the necessary tools to succeed in the modern workplace.

Regarding health care, David supports Proposition 2 because he understands access to health care for all Idahoans benefits everyone in the state - dealing with cancer or another life threatening condition is not a lifestyle choice. If Idaho adopts Proposition 2, our county won't be on the hook for those who cannot afford insurance under current law.

Finally, regarding public lands, David Nelson realizes if lands are sold to special interests, the public loses access and we cannot enjoy the quality of life our beautiful state can provide.

Please join me in voting for Nelson for Senate.

James Reid


Maddie Curtright