David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


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Chooses Nelson

It is a great pleasure and privilege to write in support of the candidacy of David Nelson for state senator from Legislative District 5.

Nelson has every personal quality that will make him an excellent legislator: the willingness to roll up his sleeves and study all aspects of issues that may come before the Senate, an outgoing nature and a piquant sense of humor, a deep and long-standing interest in helping his constituents obtain what they need to succeed and the prodigious energy to maximize his contacts with each of us.

He has said that he genuinely enjoys door-knocking because he "learns so much about this interesting and diverse district."

His heart is definitely in using all his academic strengths and entrepreneurial skills to help bring high-paying jobs to Idaho, as he did when he returned to this area 20 years ago. He is a supporter of Prop. 2 (Medicaid expansion) for reasons of fairness and compassion and for the economic advantages of having a healthy work force.

He is also (for many of the same reasons) an impassioned supporter of excellence of public education. ...

He has already zeroed in on improving the "go-on rate" by investing in teachers' salaries and cutting college costs for future students funds that currently are diverted to tax cuts for the wealthy. ...

Nelson has already given a lot to both this district and the state as a whole. ...

Please join me in voting for David Nelson. ...

Martha M. Godchaux


Maddie Curtright