David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


Updates from the trail

Elect Nelson

In the 30-plus years that Carrie and I have been in Moscow, we have had the good fortune to know many of our representatives to the Legislature as friends.

Tom Boyd, James "Doc" Lucas, Gary Schroeder, Tom Trail, and Shirley Ringo have been superlative public servants whose devotion to our citizens was unquestioned.

In this exceptional tradition, I ask you to vote for David Nelson for state Senate. Through Rotary, we have known Nelson for more than 20 years.

Additionally, I've served with Nelson on the Moscow Food Coop board for the past two years. His emphasis on constituent service, honest and fair representation, and an abiding dedication to the people of Latah and Benewah counties follows in the long tradition expected by our citizens.

He is a firm supporter of education at all levels. He founded and ran a highly successful business so he is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities of our scores of small businesses.

I urge you to vote to send David Nelson, a man of the highest character, to Boise.

Tom Bitterwolf


Maddie Curtright