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Letter: Vote for the candidate that shares your values

The voters in the 5th Legislative District have a number of choices to make this November, and selecting an Idaho state senator is one of the most important.

There are many ways to decide how your ballot will be cast, but the best way is to vote for the candidate who shares your values - in this case, that is David Nelson. Values are not notions picked up for a campaign, but beliefs that have become part of a person through their life. Nelson has a commitment to public education unequaled in my experience, as he worked tirelessly for years to ensure sound funding for public schools. He values good education that provides people with the tools they need to work successfully and contribute to Idaho's growth. For years, Nelson has enjoyed Idaho's wild country and the access to public lands that make Idaho a special place to live. He values these places and will work to protect critical resources and keep public lands in public hands. I also know that Nelson values people because he assisted neighbors of mine in organizing their financial lives in a time of stress. That's not something that ever makes news, but it is a reflection of a man who is deeply concerned with improving the lives of the people around him. There aren't any values higher than that.

I urge you to choose the Idaho Senate candidate with the best values to represent you. Elect Nelson to the Idaho Senate.

Jim Wallis


Maddie Curtright