David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


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Letter: Nelson will represent all of District 5

Fall is the time for schools to begin a new year - and also for elections. Education is the key to our future, as children need a quality education to succeed in life, and teens and adults need to continue education to grow and adapt to a changing world.

Our elected officials should be supportive of improving the lives of their constituents and therefore should be working to make sure quality educational opportunities are available.

David Nelson has been a longtime supporter of education locally and has also worked with Rotary Club to bring international exchange students to our area and enrich the lives of local students through these connections.

He believes all children in District 5 should have access to good educational opportunities, including affordable vocational and higher education.

In Latah County, higher education is not only important as an opportunity for upward mobility, but also an essential economic entity, as the University of Idaho is a major employer.

As incumbent senator, Nelson's opponent has voted against the budget of the UI for the last two years, which means he is not representing his many constituents who depend on higher education.

As our next Idaho state senator, David Nelson will listen to his constituents and vote in the best interest of District 5.

We need a state senator who represents his district, not just the opponent's own interests and extreme views.

Vote for David Nelson for Idaho state senator of District 5 on Nov. 6.

Diane Prorak


Maddie Curtright