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Letter: Vote Nelson, Gannon and Sorensen

After closely watching the actions of the Idaho Legislature last year, I realize it is time for a change.

Idaho's Republican legislators are quick to argue for local control when criticizing federal mandates, but then they passed a law telling Idaho cities how to do their business by mandating that they can't write tougher building codes than those set by the statewide authority. What happened to the idea that communities need the flexibility to set standards that serve the specific building needs of their own towns and residents?

Two other bills passed in the Idaho Legislature became laws even though Gov. C.L "Butch" Otter voiced legitimate, serious concerns and ultimately refused to sign them. Otter referred to the "Trespass Law" as having "significant legal and practical concerns," and stated that the "Stand Your Ground Law" has "potential unintended consequences on our children" by citing examples of innocent acts that would be considered justifiable homicide under the new law.

He strongly encouraged legislators to revisit those bills to improve them.

What are the chances that will happen if we re-elect the same legislators?

Our local legislators, state Sen. Dan Foreman and Rep. Carolyn Nilsson Troy, both voted for all three of these bills.

We need to elect people who will work toward making Idaho laws that are legitimate and do not have unintended consequences.

Please vote for David Nelson for our District 5 senator, and Margie Gannon and Laurene Sorensen for our District 5 representatives on Nov. 6.

Kathy Dawes


Maddie Curtright