David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


Updates from the trail

Saint Maries Gazette Record Article

David recently went out to Saint Maries to talk with Oron Gilmore of the Saint Maries Gazette Record. Read the article online with a subscription here or see full text below.

Nelson seeks state senate post

By Oron Gilmore - The Gazette Record

A Moscow businessman seeks the Democratic nomination for the state senate.

David Nelson filed with the secretary of state Feb. 27. A Moscow native, he holds degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Idaho and University of Massachusetts. He is the co founder of Soteica Visual Mesa, a software company which writes software for industrial complex power management.

Mr. Nelson said he has had a long interest in politics, and previously served as a county and district party chair. If elected, he said he will represent the interests of District 5 residents in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

“Benewah and Latah counties need a state senator who goes to Boise with ideas that represent the values of our district,” he said in a press release. “I am excited to be a senator who can support the University of Idaho in Moscow and responsible logging access in St. Maries.”

Mr. Nelson contrasted this approach to that of incumbent Sen. Dan Foreman, who has made national headlines over a recent dispute with a group of University of Idaho students in Boise. After he was approached by the group to discuss a bill to fund birth control on campus, Mr. Foreman shouted at the students and threatened to call the police to remove them.

“Mr. Foreman seems unable to listen to anybody who doesn’t agree with him, and gets angry when you don’t,” Mr. Nelson said. “And I think on the issues Mr. Foreman is out of step with our district. This last year, he didn’t vote for any higher-education funding, which is out of step with District’s 5’s interests in education.”

One issue important to Mr. Nelson is education funding, which he describes as the best economic development available in the state. In particular, he said he was shocked to learn how much schools in Idaho are funded by supplemental levies. If elected, he said he will seek greater support for local school programs, as well as more funding to relieve the burden on rural districts and their patrons.

“There’s a contrast I see with the state legislature putting in $200 million in tax cuts when we’re running about $180 million in override levies,” he said. “If we want to cut taxes, wouldn’t it be better to push that funding down to schools? That would let them cut property taxes and see that schools are more equitably funded in the state.”

Mr. Nelson supports keeping Idaho’s public lands open to all. He said he would be in favor of greater state control over federal forest lands. He also seeks to bring greater focus to Idaho’s health care system.

“I’m troubled about the rise in expense form private insurance plans available on the state exchange,” he said. “The legislature failed to tackle that this year with their dual waiver bill, which just failed in the senate. I would also like to see our Medicaid gap population have their needs addressed. With the various pushes and campaigns going on, there’s a decent chance that can be solved this year.”

At press time, the Democratic field for District 5’s senate seat is open for Mr. Nelson, who was the lone candidate in his party’s primary.

Mr. Foreman had not filed for re-election by press time. Another Republican, Marshall Comstock, the former mayor of Moscow, has announced his candidacy.

Mr. Nelson lives in Genessee with his wife, who is a teacher in Pullman, WA.

They have two adult daughters.

One small correction: this article refers to David as a "Moscow native" and states he lives in Genessee. In fact the opposite is true; David grew up in Genessee but currently lives in Moscow. 

Kate Nelson