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Letter: Vote for Nelson

Idaho ranks 49th in per-pupil spending and Idaho teacher salaries rank lowest in the nation.

However, our District 5 senator, Dan Foreman, doesn't believe Idaho needs to spend more money on education. He wrote to me that "More money is not the answer. More money is just the liberal battle cry to sustain the quest for never-ending teacher pay raises, the building of more unnecessary infrastructure and to satisfy the union."

When I asked him exactly why he thought too much of Idaho's budget was being spent on education, he shouted, "You know, you can do a lot of really good teaching with a cardboard box!"

I agree that using simple materials is good educational practice, and every Idaho teacher does this out of necessity. However, I find it hard to believe that a legislator actually thinks that Idaho's students will be competitive in a global market with only "cardboard box" experience.

It's time for a change. David Nelson is a firm believer that increased funding for educating Idaho students will not only ensure an educated workforce, but will keep quality teachers here, rather than going elsewhere like Pullman, where teachers just received a 15 percent pay raise with an additional 2 percent next year. David Nelson hears from constituents every day that education is a top priority for them, and he will make it a top priority as our senator. Please join me in voting for David Nelson.

Kathy Dawes


Maddie Curtright