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Press Release: Historic Theater Bill Clears the Senate

Historic Theater Bill Clears the Senate

For Immediate Release, March 7, 2019--------------------------------------------------------------

On Thursday, Senator Michelle Stennett/(D-Sun Valley) carried Representative Mat Erpelding’s/(D-Boise) historic theater bill on the Senate floor. The bill passed with a 25-10 vote. It now heads to the Governor to be signed into law. The legislation allows for theaters that are on the Historic Registry to sell beer and wine. In order to qualify for the legislation, theaters must be built before 1950 and have been added to the National Registry of Historic Places. Sen. Stennett explained why she chose to carry the legislation on the Senate floor.

“There are historic theaters all over the state that have incredible historic value.” She explained. “In District 26, the Schubert Theater in Gooding is part of the cultural fabric of the area. It is important that we prioritize preserving these valuable places.”

Rep. Erpelding spoke with theaters while traveling the state about the legislation and they expressed excitement for the legislation.

“Historic theaters are an important part of several communities in Idaho.” He explained. “In many towns, they serve as a hub for events, meetings, and activities. I am pleased that the House and Senate have voted to assist these theaters in supporting their ongoing existence. This legislation will help keep many of the cultural significant theaters afloat.”

Sen. David Nelson/(D-Moscow) spoke in support of the bill because he believes that this bill is necessary for his district.

“The Kenworthy Theater in Moscow is one of our most important landmarks.” He said. “I felt that it was important to show my strong support for preserving the culture and history contained in this building.”

David Nelson