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Press Release: Idaho Democrats express appreciation for Medicaid Expansion Advocates

Idaho Democrats express appreciation for Medicaid Expansion Advocates

For Immediate Release, February 4, 2019---------------------------------------------------------------

On Monday, Medicaid Expansion advocates from all over the state came to the Capitol in Boise. They met with legislators, held a rally, and presented their case for implementing Medicaid Expansion without sideboards. After a grassroots campaign by Idaho citizens, Medicaid Expansion was put on the ballot and passed with 61% of the vote. Now it is up to the legislature to make sure the program is funded. Unfortunately, several legislators have indicated their desire to add conditions or barriers to the existing proposition. Senator David Nelson (D-Moscow) expressed his appreciation for the advocates trip to the Capitol.


“It is important that we remind legislators that the will of the people is to implement Medicaid Expansion with no barriers.” Sen. Nelson said. “Idaho voters have already made up their mind. They want Medicaid Expansion implemented as-is. Legislators who attempt to add hurdles to funding Medicaid are willfully ignoring what Idahoans want.”

In District 5 (Sen. Nelson’s legislative district), Medicaid Expansion passed with over 66% of the vote. Advocates from this area met with representatives to remind them that Idahoans did not vote for any barriers. Sen. Nelson remains a strong advocate for making sure no one is denied access to quality healthcare.


“I want to thank the individuals who came from all over the state to hold the legislature accountable. The best thing we can do now is make sure we give Idahoans access to quality healthcare without unnecessary restrictions. I will continue to fight for what Idahoans need. We must implement Medicaid Expansion as-is.”

David Nelson