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Press Release: Sen. Nelson’s E-Bike Legislation Signed into Law

Sen. Nelson’s E-Bike Legislation Signed into Law

For Immediate Release, March 13, 2019--------------------------------------------------------------

On Monday, E-Bike legislation sponsored by Senator David Nelson/(D-Moscow) was signed into law by Governor Little. The bill passed unanimously in both the House and Senate. The legislation clarifies Idaho code with regard to a new category of bicycles; the “e-bike.” These bicycles use a small electric motor to give a boost to the rider when extra speed is desirable. Sen. Nelson explained why the legislation was necessary for Idaho.

“Existing law did not make it clear whether e-bikes were human-powered bikes, a motorcycle, or a moped.” Sen. Nelson explained. “Once we realized that the law was confusing and problematic, we knew that it needed to change. Now, Idaho code makes it clear that e-bikes are human powered.”

The bill incorporates three basic categories of e-bikes into the definition of an e-bike, agreed upon by bicycle manufacturers. This will help cities, counties, and the state to better regulate their use.

“Under this legislation, local government will be making the decisions about how to approach e-bikes.” He explained. “The only thing that the law will change explicitly is to allow e-bikes on sidewalks and paths. But, again, local governments will be allowed to prohibit their use on sidewalks and paths if they feel that is appropriate.”

“Laws like this are necessary to address constant changes in technology. As a legislator, it is my job to make sure that our codes stay up to date with the everchanging world. I am pleased that the Governor has signed this legislation into law to adapt to innovations in transportation.”

David Nelson