David Nelson for Idaho Senate
A Senator to support all citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties


Updates from the session

We are about to get started!

I am both incredibly eager to begin the legislative session and a little scared about what exactly to do. But it’s time to get started. I know all the encouragement, knowledge, and enthusiasm from the people of Benewah and Latah Counties will help me do my very best.


I am serving on three committees this year. Here is what they are and my hopes for each:

Health and Welfare

After working all year to help pass Proposition 2 I am very excited to be on Health and Welfare. My biggest goal for this session is to make sure Proposition 2 is funded and to prevent adding any unnecessary requirements and bureaucracy to its implementation. I will do everthing in my power to implement the will of the people.

If you hear me talking or read in the news about bills that deal with Proposition 2 on the Health and Welfare committee, it’s a bad sign. Proposition 2 is the law of the land now—all the legislature needs to do is fund Idaho’s (very small) share of the costs.

Please keep your ears open. We all are going to need to work together to ensure the implementation of Prop 2. Reclaim Idaho and Close the Gap Idaho both are great sources of information and you can sign up for breaking news updates.


During the campaign I heard more about our roads then anything else. Since November I have met with the Idaho Transportation Department and learned about how roads are funded and the money allocated around the state. I’m looking forward to working with other like minded Senators to make sure we do our best to maintain this key infrastructure.

Agriculture Affairs

I am excited to represent our agriculture interests this year. I grew up on my familys’ farm in Genesee and appreciate the challenge, love of the land and stress that come with working in agriculture. I particularly understand the nature of a commodity business like farming. One year can be profitable and the next year difficult, often because of issues outside the farmers’ control. I will work to help our rural communities this year.


I will publish this newsletter in this blog format weekly to keep you up to date. Please do call or email me about any issue you are concerned about. You can reach me at:

  • dnelson@senate.id.gov

  • (208) 332-1405 

My campaign motto is to be a “Senator to represent all the citizens of Benewah and Latah Counties”. I need to hear from you to do that properly!

Thanks once again for all your support,

David Nelson

David Nelson